Friday, 21 November 2014


'At the end of the Twentieth Century nuclear war engulfed planet earth. Out of the ashes rose the Technocratic Republic of Eurasia. In a desperate last bid for world peace, survivors of World War IV, realising that humanity could no longer be trusted with guaranteeing its own survival, placed their trust and fate into the hands of MAR-X, the Mechanised Autocratic Robotic Systems MK. X.

Brief prosperity ensued, but it wasn't long before a neo-luddite movement gained momentum and rallied against the new autocracy. World War V, the war for human independence, broke out, fought on the Iron Front of Eurasia. The neo-luddite rebellion was vanquished, but pockets of resistance still remain...

The year is 2023. You are disgraced, Cold War II veteran, ex-Lieutenant John Fader; the fate of the planet is in your hands.'

Suck It Up by Ilaria Sbaragli | code by maseek